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Attenuo Key Magnet


Make your keys modular! These small but powerful neodymium magnets allow you to connect keyrings securely together, whilst giving you the ability to pull them apart when needed. 

The Attenuo Key Carry comes with one included. If you would like spares or to add connect ability to other keyrings you can purchase them here.

Important: Due to the polarities, make sure you pair the right polarity with your use.

E.g. If you are purchasing to connect to your Key Carry, choose polarity A

If you are buying a pair for other uses, select A and B to ensure they attract eachother.

If you have a Key Magnet you recieved with your Key Carry and want another magnet to connect to it, choose polarity B.

Sold individually not in sets (if you purchase a single Key Magnet, you receive one)


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