Signal Blocking Car Key Pouch (Twin Pack)

  • Car theft is on the rise. It's up 40% over the last 5 years. Surely as technology advances, cars should be getting more secure?

    Clearly not. This is mostly thanks to keyless entry systems on newer vehicles.

    Criminals using relays can scan your house, pick up the signal from your fob, then transmit it to an accomplice standing next to your vehicle. This tricks the car into thinking you're standing next to it with the fob. They can then get in and drive off.

    In most of these cases the criminals get away with it due to lack of evidence. 

    The best way to protect yourself is to completely shield your fob so that it can't be scanned. 

    The Attenuo Key Pouch is a Pocket Sized Faraday Cage

    All signals in the range of 10kHz to 30GHz are blocked thanks to the special lining. Incoming electromagnetic fields are distributed throughout the mesh lining and cancelled out, meaning any electronic devices placed within the pouch will be completely cut off to the outside world.


    The compact 127x89mm size slips easily into your pocket or purse/handbag and accommodates the majority of car keys. The outer layer is a black, carbon fiber weave. The inner layer consists of a copper & nickel blended weave which creates the faraday cage. Together they form a durable exterior with a super secure interior for your car keys, with plenty of flexibility to sit in your pocket unnoticed.

    Hook & Loop Sealing

    The pouch is sealed with a hook & look strip which closes the Faraday cage. This ensures no gaps for signals to penetrate.

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