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The Attenuo Wallet V2


Currently restocking. Estimated restock date: Mid November 2020

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  • The unique everyday minimalist card wallet. Engineered from the ground up to be a practical minimal wallet, whilst still adhering to a sleek, minimalist design aesthetic. The final form is a result of this.

    The wallet is just 10.8mm thick and weighs 49g, but is still packed with function. The result is a practical minimal wallet, without gimmicks, that streamlines your life that little bit more.

    • Holds up to 8 cards (8 flat or 6 embossed)
    • RFID protection
    • One handed contactless transactions
    • Slim 10.8mm thickness
    • Quick access slots for two cards
    • Accommodates a couple of notes 
    • Machined from lightweight 6061 aluminium
  • Materials
    Body: CNC machined T6-6061 anodised aluminium
    Fasteners: A2 stainless steel torx screws
    Internals: 3D printed card clips

    91.60 x 62.98 x 10.80mm

    The aluminium is hard anodised to offer it colour and scratch resistance. However, if kept in a pocket alongside keys, these can begin to scratch it over time. Generally this will just wear the colour off the edges slightly and it will look aged. Like a leather wallet, this can be seen to add character.
    Also bear in mind, aluminium is a fairly soft metal. Use in the back pocket it not recommended as sitting on it may deform the shape over time (also you're a bigger target to pickpockets).

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    Orders from outside of the UK will take a little longer and depend on where you are. Typically orders will get to you within 12 working days. Please remember that if customs charges arise, you will be responsible for paying them.

  • If you're not happy, I'm not happy. Send an email to and I'll do my best to sort the problem. The wallet can be returned as long as the packaging and wallet are intact.

Meet your new favourite wallet

The V2 wallet takes on board all the customer feedback from the original V1 wallet.

The result is a minimal wallet, without gimmicks, that integrates seamlessly into your everyday life.

The Story

This wallet aims to strip down the bulk of your traditional wallet. It holds up to 8 flat cards and can accommodate a couple of notes. Made from aluminium, it blocks RFID meaning your cards are secure.

A wallet is something that you carry everywhere, everyday. Most traditional wallets simultaneously end up acting like an archive and a bin. This results in a thick, heavy, unorganised, cumbersome object that bulges out of your pocket.

The Attenuo wallet forces the opposite. Unnecessary receipts are quickly discarded. Carrying changing and paying in cash is a thing of the past. Only your most important cards venture with you. The Attenuo wallet will always glide effortlessly in and out of your pocket thanks to the compact size, sitting unnoticed. Fumbling to find the right payment card at a busy checkout happens no more, it’s right there at the top.

The wallet is constructed with five components and eight fasteners. The front plates are machined from aluminium and laser engraved with the Attenuo logo. The main chassis is machined from billet aluminium and hold two 3D printed clips, which secure the cards in place. The aluminium components are anodized to give colour and also harden the surface to help resist scratches. Finally the wallets are fastened together with eight A2 stainless steel torx screws.

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