Signal Blocking Car Key Pouch (Twin Pack)

    • Internal copper and nickel blended material blocks all electromagnetic signals.
    • External carbon fibre blended PU weave looks sleek and is wear resistant.
    • Measures 12.7cmx8.9cm (5x3.5 inches) when closed. Perfect for sliding into your pocket or handbag whilst accepting the majority of keyless fobs.
    • Comes in packs of two so that your spare key can be protected too.
    • Includes a 2 year guarantee.

    Car theft is on the rise. It's up 40% over the last 5 years. Surely as technology advances, cars should be getting more secure?

    Clearly not. This is mostly thanks to keyless entry systems on newer vehicles.

    Criminals using relays can scan your house, pick up the signal from your fob, then transmit it to an accomplice standing next to your vehicle. This tricks the car into thinking you're standing next to it with the fob. They can then get in and drive off.


    Protecting your vehicle from the ever-growing risk of relay theft relies on you cutting off the thieves' ability to pick up and amplify the signal from your car keys, meaning you prevent them from stealing your car. To do that, you need a Faraday cage. A Faraday cage works by forming an enclosure which prevents the contents from being reached by electromagnetic fields. But a big metal box in your house isn't practical, nor appealing, and you won't be protected when you're out and about. Remember, your car is vulnerable to relay theft wherever it is - so you need a solution that's portable as well as effective. This is where the Attenuo signal blocking pouch becomes your new best friend. Convenient, portable, and highly effective - it allows you to make sure your car is safe and protected wherever you go. It's a genuine Faraday cage, so it will offer your keys the same level of protection whether they're in your pocket while at work/grocery shopping or they're on your bedside table. Protect yourself, and your vehicle, from relay theft affordably and comprehensively by investing in your very own Attenuo signal blocking pouch today.

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