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Key Carry Update 29/10/2020

I have been closely monitoring reviews and feedback from customers over the last few months. Overall it has been positive, but several slight issues seemed to keep coming up after prolonged use which I never experienced with my own prototypes. So I decided to take a step back and address these issues. Here are the issues that have now been fixed in the latest design:

Hex key comes loose over time
The plastic groove which retained the hex key wore over time meaning the magnet could then pull it out. 

The hex key is now relocated to lay flat within the top section of the Key Carry. There is no longer a part that can wear. A bonus of this is the Key Carry can now accommodate slightly longer keys.

Screws loosening over time
The screws which hold the keys and magnet in some cases were undoing over time with the rotation of the keys and magnet.

The screws now thread partially through the plastic acting like a nyloc nut. This holds them in place when tightened.

Key screw over-tightening/under-tightening
The original design relied on the correct spacing of the washers and keys to prevent the screw over-tightening. This worked in most cases, however there were some exceptions where either keys were slightly thinner or thicker than usual which enabled the screw to then protrude through the bottom section. If under-tightening occurred the screw would come loose. This resulted in the Key Carry coming apart if dropped for example.

There is now a hole through the bottom section which allows you to see if the screw is threaded in correctly. Also if overtightening does occur it doesn't damage the Key Carry. When correctly tightened the Key Carry can withstand drops and knocks without a problem.

Magnet strength
Slightly stronger magnets are now used.


In addition to these changes I've made each component and the Key Carry as a whole more robust whilst retaining the small package.


As always if you need to get in touch, you can email me at

If I have missed any of your feedback let me know. I'm committed to continuously improving the products.