About us

Attenuo began mid 2016, several months after a trip to Bali.

After quitting my job as a mechanical design engineer to take some much needed time out surfing in Bali, I lost my wallet.

It was the typical bi-fold leather wallet which looked and felt like a brick in my pocket.

As a temporary solution, I wrapped an elastic band around my cards and cash to keep them together.

After returning to the UK, for several months I continued to use this method. The lightness and minimalistic approach to carrying around only what you need felt refreshing (although I got some odd looks!!)

Around this time I was experimenting with 3D printing.

I modelled some wallet designs that would mimic the feel of the elastic band and printed them in plastic.

After several design iterations, with each one being tested with my cards for several days at a time I settled on a final design.

The lightness, thinness and slick card action felt amazing. There was no going back to a typical wallet.

This is where I decided more people needed to experience this.

But being plastic it felt cheap and it was easy to break.

Aluminium was the obvious choice for the next iteration.

After months of searching for a manufacturer who would work with me to machine wallets from aluminium, I finally found one and had some samples made.

It took several more months of design tweaks and samples to get the aluminium version to work.

Finally I committed financially to the tooling needed and ordering the first production batch and hoped people like you would be generous enough to give it a shot!