How to safely store your seed phrase

What is a seed phrase?

If you own any cryptocurrency and have secured it in a hardware or software wallet, you'll be familiar with your recovery phrase or seed phrase.

A seed phrase is a list of 12 or 24 words generated from a list of 2048 unique words. In the event of losing your hardware wallet, it being destroyed or forgetting your pin, you can use this to access your crypto.

Where do you store crypto seed phrases?

Your seed phrase is most likely written on a piece of paper and hidden somewhere in your house.

However, this seed phrase is essentially worth whatever you have invested in crypto. Think of it like a paper cheque with the value of your investment written on it.

There are around 37,000 house fires on average a year in the UK. If this happened, would you be able to recover your crypto?

Not to mention the other shortcomings of paper storage, such as water damage (e.g flooding, burst pipes), ink fade, accidental discarding, being ripped up or chewed up by pests/pets.

This is where seed phrase storage solutions come in.

You need your phrases to be stored in an analogue manner, completely offline, in a material that can withstand whatever the elements or freak accidents can throw at it. In addition, if you were to ever need to recover your wallet, you need to be able to read these phrases back in the exact same order, letter for letter word for word.

At the same time, only you can imprint your phrases onto this material, since if you asked a company to engrave your phrases on a piece of metal, they now have seen your phrases.

So the solution has to be a kit, where you and only you can somehow store your seed phrases in a permanent manner.

Our solution is the Attenuo Seed Phrase Storage Plate with an included centre automatic punch. The plate is 3mm thick marine grade 316 stainless steel sheet with no moving parts, made in the UK.

The sheet has a grid physically etched into it (not just a surface mark) that allows you to use a centre punch to permanently indent your seed phrases into it.

It will survive house fires, corrosion, flooding.. pretty much whatever you can throw at it in order to secure your seed phrases for life.

Click here to view the Attenuo Seed Phrase Storage Plate