Keyless Car Theft

The rise of keyless entry car theft, and how to prevent it affecting you

Cars are becoming more technologically advanced with each passing year. One, now ubiquitous, feature which is designed to make the driver's life easier is keyless entry. All you need to do is have the key in your pocket and you can walk up to the car, get in, then drive off all without touching the key so much as once. While this feature is no doubt convenient compared to fiddling with standard keys, is it more secure? The answer, sadly for owners of newer cars, is no. Research conducted by Tracker has indicated that in 2017, 80% of car thefts were conducted without the thieves needing to have the owners' keys. Car manufacturers are, by and large, slow to react to the problem - which means your brand new, or nearly new, car could be stolen from your drive, even while you're holding the keys. How is that possible? The answer is relay theft.

What is relay theft?

Relay theft is worryingly simple, in practice. Long gone are the days of thieves using long pieces of wire to fish your car keys out through the letterbox, or simply putting a brick through the driver's side window. Relay theft involves two thieves. One thief stands by the front of your house, usually by the front door, with a device that picks up and amplifies the signal that is sent out by your car keys. The other thief stands by the car with another device, which directs the signal to the car. The car then thinks that you're stood at the door with the keys in your pocket - unlocking the doors and allowing it to be started. Two car thieves, who know what they're doing, can steal your car this way in under 30 seconds. But is there anything you can do to protect your vehicle? Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Keeping your car safe

Protecting your vehicle from the ever-growing risk of relay theft relies on you cutting off the thieves' ability to pick up and amplify the signal from your car keys, meaning you prevent them from stealing your car. To do that, you need a Faraday cage. A Faraday cage works by forming an enclosure which prevents the contents from being reached by electromagnetic fields. But a big metal box in your house isn't practical, nor appealing, and you won't be protected when you're out and about. Remember, your car is vulnerable to relay theft wherever it is - so you need a solution that's portable as well as effective. This is where the Attenuo signal blocking pouch becomes your new best friend. Convenient, portable, and highly effective - it allows you to make sure your car is safe and protected wherever you go. It's a genuine Faraday cage, so it will offer your keys the same level of protection whether they're in your pocket while at work/grocery shopping or they're on your bedside table. Protect yourself, and your vehicle, from relay theft affordably and comprehensively by investing in your very own Attenuo signal blocking pouch today.