Seed Phrase Storage Plate

  • Made in the UK from 3mm thick marine grade 316 stainless steel with no moving parts. Your seed phrases can be safely stored without risk of fire damage, water damage, corrosion, ink fade, accidental discarding, being ripped up or chewed up by pests. This ensures your seed phrases and crypto can pass on to future generations.

    Phrases are stored by using a centre punch to mark an indent in the squares corresponding to the letters in your phrase.

    Stores 12 or 24 seed phrases (marked front and back)

    What's Included:
    1x Etched stainless steel sheet (marked 1-12 front and 13-24 back)
    1x Automatic centre punch



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The simplest way to permanently store your seed phrases

If you own any cryptocurrency and have secured it in a hardware or software wallet, you'll be familiar with your recovery phrases. These are most likely written on a piece of paper and hidden somewhere in your house.

However, there are around 37,000 house fires on average a year in the UK. If this happened, would you be able to recover your crypto?
Not to mention the other shortcomings of paper storage, such as water damage (e.g flooding, burst pipes), ink fade, accidental discarding, being ripped up or chewed up by pests/pets.

This is why we came up with the Attenuo Seed Phrase Storage solution. A 3mm thick marine grade 316 stainless steel sheet with no moving parts, made in the UK.

The sheet has a grid etched into it that allows you to use a centre punch to permanently mark your seed phrases into it.

It will survive house fires, corrosion, flooding.. pretty much whatever you can throw at it in order to secure your seed phrases for life.

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